What is involved in our Clinics

Our Clinics cover the following.

Contact injury prevention, defensive contact, and the fine details of tackle defence in Rugby League, Union and AFL.
Ongoing training and defensive seminars available for junior development squads, state and the elite professional level.

Clinics consist of:

Understanding body movement and the science of contact.
Approaching the tackle, standing offline on contact, Foot work, changing levels, the lower body tackle, upper body wrestle, correct body positioning to stop forward momentum, dealing with backward movement in the ruck, dealing with larger, stronger players, Body wiring, sensitivity to movement drills to develop auto reactions, quick ground recovery skills to develop a faster play the ball, wrestling in the ruck.
Core stability and strength exercises developed purely for strength in defence.
Specialised separate seminars for forwards and backs.
The New Tackle Clinic will commence on the first of November and classes will be held 5 days a week at the Axis Head Quarters in Southport.

Field sessions for clubs are also available as well as weekend seminars.
Please see the time table for more information and if you would like your child or club to get involved fill out the online application form below or call us directly.


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The Axis Tackle Clinic is a Skills based development program on defensive contact technique for Rugby League, Union and Australian Rules Football.

Hi my name is Jason Roebig and I am the head Coach of Axis Australia, Director General of the Jiu-Jitsu Federation of Australia and the Defensive Coach of the Gold Coast Titans.

In my seven years as the defensive wrestling coach to the Titans I have seen many changes in the tackle and the way we recover from the ground to a speedy play the ball.
Trevor Gilmeister and myself are always problem solving the importance of correct contact and the way we can improve the skill set of each and every individual player.
Not every position on the field will have the same approach to contact. This technical detail means that in some cases each position be it in the forwards or backs will sometimes need more technical detail to combat the larger forwards. We often separate the training between the forwards and the backs so that we can get this across to the players in the best possible way.

Unfortunately, even at this elite level players come pre programmed to me with the wrong mindset, and bad technique. This can make them loose in the tackle, slow in the play the ball and very susceptible to injury.
This is not their fault, but a result of the way they have tackled since their days as a junior.

I have had the privilege of coaching at Origin level with the Maroons alongside Gilly as well as the Australian Test Side….This is where fine tuning for me becomes very easy as this is the best of the best, and these guys are there for a reason. They understand correct footwork, their timing is excellent, body positioning is mostly spot on and their mindset and approach to contact is second to none. And still…they listen to the detail as if it’s their first time. This is what makes a champion.

I have asked many first graders the question of fear and hesitation in the tackle. Of course, at the Elite level, most have overcome this but interestingly I have found that the first time a player gets injured as a junior while tackling can impact greatly on their confidence as they progress through the years. This is where the Axis Tackle Clinic places the most importance on Junior development throughout our program...SAFETY.

We as parents want our kids to be safe on the field and we want them to have a good experience. While developing this system of defence for juniors I went down to watch many young players go into the tackle with Zero confidence and this would be partly due to fear of tackling and getting hurt in the process. It is interesting to note that the little guys aged 5 to 7 throw themselves into the line of fire bouncing off the tackle like a pinball machine without a care in the world. But as we got up to the 8-14 year olds there was a completely different story. Many of the young boys smaller then their opposition were all arms stretching for the stars and keeping their head far away and out of harms reach. This is a result of fear, of being hurt in the tackle, and it is tough to build their confidence back up again.

At the Axis Tackle Clinic…This is what we take pride in doing.

I will never forget Preston Cambell (one of my all time favourite players) coming up to me after finishing his first grade career and telling me that I was his hero. I though he was joking. He said that I was responsible for giving him the skills and confidence to go into the tackle smart and to back himself 100%.
Dual International Matt Rogers also gifted me with these kind words, ”In fifteen years as a professional footballer not one thing has impacted my career more than the skills learned at Axis."

There is great debate at the moment in Rugby League and Union in junior Football on the size to weight ratio from kids as young as under 10’s to under 14’s.
At the core of this problem there is the issue of safety. We want our kids to be safe on the field and we would like the game to be safe as a whole for our kids to enjoy the game and most importantly continue so that we develop not just toughness but most importantly depth in skill for our future champions. (Gould, P., 2011, Sydney Morning Herald)

Whether you are a first grade club, a local junior club or a parent, the Axis Tackle Clinic has something to offer your players and your children.

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