Events | Gracie Girl

Are you interested in learning a truly effective womens self defence on the Gold Coast?

Super strength, power and massive muscles are something most of us don’t have to rely on to get us out of trouble if it finds us.
However, what we can teach you is the amazing power of leverage and natural movement that anyone of any age can easily apply and more importantly, remember!

This is a specialised self defence seminar series for women of all ages.
The course is delivered in a clean, fun and friendly atmosphere. We guarantee you, your daughter, or your Mum can share this fantastic course while having a great time together learning.

Gracie Girl is made up of 5 one hour lessons.

We are so confident that you’ll love everything about Gracie Girl that we offer the first Introductory seminar free of charge. If after the first class you don't think it’s for you then you can walk away with some great skills anyway. What do you have to lose? Call Jason below for information on dates of the next seminar and to book your spot.