How can I sponsor a child?

We are on a continual search for new sponsors be it individuals or corporate.
If you would like to sponsor a child for a full or part school term of 8 to 10 weeks or simply donate to the Axis Youth Sponsorship Program please fill out the Sponsorship Contribution Form.
Every dollar counts towards getting one of our applicants into the next available course

How does this work?

We would like to offer sporting scholarships to our Academy to enable these children at risk to feel like they belong, to give them a physical outlet and empower them with the confidence to face difficult situations. There will be certain criteria that will need to be met to ensure that the sponsorship goes to those most in need via way of an application form to be filled out by parent or referee. The greatest age for risk of disengagement would fall typically between 10-16 years of age. If you know of an individual who would benefit from this type of activity we would ask that you refer the child and we will find a sponsor to cover the cost of a program at a reduced rate.

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Do you qualify for the Axis Youth Sponsorship Program?

Would you love to practice Jiu-Jitsu but just can’t afford it. Things are no so easy for many families on the Gold Coast and sometimes the things we would love to do just aren't possible for many reasons.

So what is the Axis Youth Sponsorship Program?
We as a sporting entity, would like to offer support to the community for young people in need. Students experiencing bullying, or at risk of becoming disengaged from school and family life. Our cohesive programs are run to suit all age groups and all skill levels. Our Academy is known for its welcoming nature and family feel.

We run a ‘Bullyproof' program that walks students through steps that empower them to stop bullying in a non-violent way. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a defensive martial art that does not need to utilise striking (kicks and punches) in order to be effective. Students are given confidence as they go through the steps as how to avoid harassment and deter bullies, verbally initially, and later moving on to natural defensive movements based on leverage. The program is very effective and does not promote violence. As with all Martial Arts, they are taught to be disciplined and respectful. They increase their levels of fitness and skills under the guise of games played to teach necessary body positions and techniques. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is practised from variations and extensions of a few basic techniques that form the base for this art. Students, boys and girls, typically thoroughly enjoy this sport as they are able to ‘rough and tumble’ in a controlled and monitored environment. The prospect of physical contact that may be at the bottom of a threat from a bully quickly becomes less daunting. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has gained an incredible following worldwide due to its effectiveness and the fact that some of the top practitioners are small framed and can compete against substantially bigger opponents. This also makes it perfect for girls and women and we run a very worthwhile women’s self-defense course. With the rate of single-parent families being higher than ever before we acknowledge the need for good male and female role models in the community for our youth

How do I qualify?

If you feel like this program would benefit you as an individual or someone you know, in fact we have whole families that join up to our Academy, please complete the application and forward it to Axis….. We offer full or part scholarships depending on the level of need. A program would typically run for one school term.  Students would need to be able to get to the Academy for whichever days they opted for. The classes are run everyday, Monday to Friday. If an organisation is able to refer or support a student we can work out a part payment plan that is subsidised by one of our corporate sponsors and is offered at a reduced rate. Unfortunately, we rely heavily on community support and corporate sponsorships, so not all applicants will be successful. We are also limited by personnel and class size so this needs to be taken into consideration. If an applicant is not initially successful he may go on a wait list for the next available opening.

Fill in the form and we will review your application to see if you qualify.