Instructors | Jace Lee

I have been training in martial arts since the age of 7 and have known my Professor Jason Roebig since we were teenagers at high school together.

I have been a student of Professor Roebig’s for over 20 years, holding a blackbelt (shodan) under him in another, older Japanese style of aiki-jiujitsu.

The last 14 years i have been training BJJ under the guidance of Professor Roebig and have as many do, become addicted to jiu-jitsu!

I have also trained in Muay Thai, Karate, Kick Boxing and MMA. Training with Sityondong Muay Thai in Singapore and Pattaya Thailand, Strikeforce Muay Thai here on the Gold Coast, Australia and the Evolve Mixed Martials Arts team in Singapore.

Over the years i have competed in BJJ tournaments both local and national- Queensland BJJ Championships- Silver- 2007, Gold- 2009 79kg white belt masters div, Australian jiu-jitsu champions cup- Silver-2012 83kg blue belt masters div.

In 2013 i received my purple belt (finally-haha!) and have been the striking coach for the MMA aspect of our gym for the past 2 years. I have recently also been assisting and substituting as the kids coach for our Axis kids.

The comradery, respect, lack of ego and relaxed family environment that has become such a great part of Axis Jiu Jitsu Academy’s success, creates an excellent vibe for learning for kids and adults alike. The teachings and break down of detail on movement and techniques we receive from Professor Roebig are second to none.

The fact that small parts of the Japanese traditions are still maintained is also a great demonstration of the respect and recognition Axis JiuJitsu Academy pays to the pure art of JiuJitsu.

We have in recent years had the privilege of having visiting Professors come to teach and hold seminars at our academy, most notable for me was Kron Gracie, World Champion, Metamoris Champion, ADCC Champion and son of Rickson Gracie and part of our lineage of teachings our Professor has received. Just awesome!!

I don’t really have a favourite submission or go to move, (maybe i will once I’m a Professor). I feel that’s it more about opportunity when a situation is presented, so the better you know your techniques, positions and options the better for it your jiujitsu will be.

But...... if i had to say, it would be collar chokes or triangles.