Instructors | Martin Windsor

Having trained briefly in a few striking arts , it wasn't til I began training Brazilian jiu jitsu with Professor Roebig in 2005 that i found something that would become a major part of my life.

The attention to detail and the level of committment to his students has made me a loyal student to Jason Roebig over the past 9 1/2 years. This enthusiasm for the art is passed onto his students which makes for a very positive learning environment where many good friendships have been and are formed, making Axis much like a second family to myself and many others.

Although some students do enter competitions ( myself included), the focus at Axis is about efficient movement/connection with the self defense aspect of the art always being Incorporated into classes.

I feel very grateful to train at the best club in Australia and to be trained by the best instructor who i also call a good friend. I recommend every person i come across to come and be a part of our Club