Instructors | Gerben Keijzers

Gerben started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) under Jason Roebig in 2005 and BJJ has clearly overtaken Judo as a passion since then.

Gerben is from The Netherlands. He started Judo there when he was 8 years old and received his Black Belt when he was 18. He competed in over 120 judo tournaments between the ages of 15-20 and competed in Dutch State and National Championships (2 x 5th being his best results).
After moving to Australia, he continued Judo and became QLD champion (U91kg) in 2004 and was 2nd in his weight and open division at the Australian Kodokan Judo Championship in 2008. He won the NSW Open Judo Championships in 2009.
His favourite throw is the uchi-mata; the feeling of being airborne with your opponent just moments before he the opponent lands on his back is second to none!

He received his BJJ Brown belt in December 2012.

He only sporadically competes these days but managed to become 2nd in the purple belt division at both the Rickson Gracie Cup (Japan) in 2010 and the Aus Cup in Brisbane in 2012 (both weight and open division).
As a Brown belt he won both his weight division (U91) and open division at the Rickson Gracie Cup in Japan in 2013.

His favourite submission is the cross-collar choke from mount, although he almost gets as much satisfaction from a sweep from closed guard.
As an Axis coach, Gerben takes class occasionally when Jason is unavailable.

Gerben especially enjoys that after almost 10 years at Axis, Jason is still trying to improve the detail of every technique. Classes are never boring and sometimes it is surprising how much there is still to learn. Annual favourites at Axis include the Axis BJJ connection camps where the team goes away for 3 days, with an amazing amount of attention to detail, with the added benefit of getting to know your BJJ mates even better. The same goes for the annual trips to Japan, which is great for your BJJ skills. The welcoming nature from the Axis Tokyo and Yokohama teams is great and emphasises the quality of the Axis lineage and is great for team spirit.

BJJ has become a life journey and Gerben can't see himself stopping this art any time soon.....