Events | Jiu Jitsu Competition Team

Are you interested in taking your jiu-jitsu to the next level?
If you have been training for at least 6 months, show a keen interest in competing and have the drive to succeed, apply to be part of the Axis of Excellence Competition Team.
Not only is this a great opportunity to be part of the team, it's a foot up to increase your technical knowledge and give your cardio a boost and improve all round performance.
It's often difficult to be competition really all the time. Being part of the Axis of Excellence Team will keep you competition fit and your mind sharp.
You will need to fill out some forms at the academy and meet some criteria but ultimately if you have a hunger to be a champion, why not give it a go?

Being part of the team has benefits too,

  1. Entitles you to receive 10% off the online store.
  2. Exposure to kimono and apparel sponsors as well as travel.
  3. First choice on joining limited participant events like the Gracie Connection Camps.
  4. Open to selection for travel to international competitions with pre-competition training at Axis HQ in Japan and of course the Kron Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Centre with none other than Kron himself.