Events | Bully Proof Your Kids

1 Month of Unlimited Training Value $110.00

Hi my name is Jason Roebig and I am the Chief Instructor at Axis Jiu-Jitsu Academy Australia.

These days I wear many hats but none more important that being a parent.
As Parents we would do anything for our children. Our Childs Safety is first on our list.
Unfortunately we cannot always be there for them and we must trust in their decisions, and pray that they take on board what we teach them along the way. At Axis we follow the amazing Kids program called “Gracie Bully Proof” along with our of Axis Kids curriculum.

We invite you to bring you child in for a 1 on 1 interview with me and I’ll take you through the basic structure of the Kids Bully Proof Program. After this I will introduce you to the Head Coach and assistants. We then guide you and your child through the class as it progresses and help you understand what is happening and why. If you feel comfortable and your child is interested, he or she will be invited back for their first live lesson.

Depending on the age of your child they will then be placed into their appropriate class. We have 2 separate classes. 4-8 years old are called our Pythons and 9-13 years olds our Anacondas.

Besides the obvious improvements that come with martial arts training like increased flexibility, agility, improved gross motor skills etc. More importantly we place emphasis on a child's self worth and encouragement in striving to achieve their goals.

We have over the years seen some amazing transformations from children with very little confidence to shining stars.
We take pride and pleasure in what we do and look forward to meeting you soon.

Build the foundation now and they will stand solid for the rest of their lives.